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摘要: 原标题:Chinese Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin Accused of Faking Trading DataOKCoin ,一旦按量第二大的中国大陆为基础的交换比特币( BTC中国后) ,已被指控伪造其交易量的数据。该网站停止了在中国央行实施禁令与比 ...
原标题:Chinese Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin Accused of Faking Trading Data
OKCoin ,一旦按量第二大的中国大陆为基础的交换比特币( BTC中国后) ,已被指控伪造其交易量的数据。



汇率,尽管暴跌,在保持与其他交易所如Huobi.com ,它允许交易者通过转账到其CEO的个人银行账户收取其账户规避禁令相提并论的水平。


“施认为,真正的交易量可能是低至什么样的公司声称,交流十分之一。 ”

在他的文章发表在12月20日在何学秋,中国最热门的投资者的社交媒体平台之一,施声称,在两小时内12月19日, OKCoin的数据显示,有超过30,000 BTC转手。




在网上音频采访,施说,他不会把OKCoin出来,指责操纵汇率,但他告诫投资者对交易所,声称它“中扮演两个球员以及裁判” 。

对此,徐明星, OKCoin首席执行官谁也被认为是中国最大的比特币持有人之一,发表了非常简短的解释,他归因的差异对公司允许大型贸易商通过它的API进行交易,而不是网页接口 - 一个解释,如果是真的,那可能有点矫情因为只有一对夫妇日前许写了声明,批评使用“高频交易软件” 。

许多人认为许的解释作为一个障眼法,其中,中国的一些Bitcoin的名人如李捎来和赵肋腆谁张贴在新浪微博同意, OKCoin的数据是有问题的。


“这两个图表显示BTC中国和OKCoin的市场深度。尽管市场深度有很大的差别,它们的交易量都非常接近,这只能意味着一个人是一种欺骗行为。我不再去OKCoin的原因是,它是非常难受,购买超过1000 BTC [在同一时间。 “

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“ litecoin [上OKCoin ]昨天的日常交易已达到了前所未有的900万,但只有一共有2000万存在。我怎么都不能相信吗? “


截至2:52 PM CST , 12月21日,在OKCoin显示的每日交易量为4,215.52 BTC ,它已经从以前的几万每天水平大幅缩水。



OKCoin, once the second largest mainland China-based bitcoin exchange (after BTC China) according to volume, has been accused of faking its trading volume data.

The website stopped taking new deposits in the aftermath of theChinese central bank implementing a ban disallowing banks and third-party payment services from working with bitcoin exchanges, leaving traders temporarily unable to charge their fiat currency accounts or cash out on some exchanges.

In the days following rumours of the ban, while traders panic-sold their bitcoin holdings and would-be buyers were barred from making deposits into their accounts, many were surprised to find that the trading volume on OKCoin remained unrealistically high.

The exchange rates, despite plunging, maintained levels on a par with other exchanges such as Huobi.com, which circumvented the ban by allowing traders to charge their accounts by transferring money to its CEO’s personal bank account.

The concern was first raised by someone under the pseudonym Shi Diaomao, a self-proclaimed bitcoin arbitrageur who makes profit by buying and selling BTC on different platforms to exploit the exchange rate gap.

Shi concluded that the real transaction volume could be as low as one tenth of what the company purported to exchange.

In his article posted on 20th December on Xueqiu, one of China’s most popular investors’ social media platforms, Shi claims that in a two-hour period on 19th December, OKCoin’s data indicates that over 30,000 BTC changed hands.

However, by comparing the number with the tally of selling and buying orders that were displayed separately, Shi concluded that the real transaction volume could be as low as one tenth of what the company purported to exchange.

Shi said after noticing the discrepancy, he immediately contacted the website’s customer service rep, who failed to provide a plausible explanation and later became unresponsive on Xueqiu.

During the process of communication, Shi saw that the displayed volume suddenly plunged, which reinforced his suspicion that the website had previously faked its trading volume and was correcting it now that it was in danger of being caught red-handed.

In an online audio interview, Shi said that he would not call OKCoin out and accuse it of manipulating the exchange rate, but he cautioned traders against the exchange, claiming that it “plays both the player as well as the referee”.

In response, Xu Mingxing, CEO of OKCoin who is also believed to be one of the largest bitcoin holders in China, issued a very brief explanation, in which he attributed the discrepancy to the company allowing large traders to trade through its API rather than the webpage interface – an explanation, if true, that may be somewhat hypocritical given that only a couple days ago Xu wrote a statement criticizing the use of “high-frequency trading software”.

Many perceive Xu’s explanation as a cover-up, among them, some Chinese bitcoin celebrities such as Li Xiaolai and Zhao Letian who posted on Sina Weibo agreeing that OKCoin’s data was problematic.

Zhao Letian’s posting states:

“The two graphs show the market depth of BTC China and OKCoin. Despite the great difference of market depths, their trading volumes are very close, which can only mean that one is cheating. The reason that I stopped going to OKCoin is that it is very hard for me to buy more than 1000 BTC [at one time].”



Users also question OKCoin’s claim that it is the world’s largest litecoin exchange.

One posting published on 19th December on Sina Weibo says:

“The daily transaction of litecoin [on OKCoin] yesterday has reached an unprecedented nine million, but there are only a total of 20 million in existence. How can I ever believe it?”

Xu Mingxing was previously scheduled to host a Q&A session on Xueqiu on 20th December, but it has since been cancelled.

As of 2:52 PM CST, 21st December, the daily trading volume displayed on OKCoin is 4,215.52 BTC, which has shrunk dramatically from its previous level of tens of thousands per day.

Chinese stock market image via Shutterstock

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